quality vs quantity


Photo: Edition Patrick Frey

My latest book discovery is My Things by Gabriela Gründler.
A book where you`ll find pictures of over 2600 of author`s personal belongings that have been documented for more than two years.

The motivation for this book came from questions such as; How dependent are we on things? What drives us to consume? Who produces all of the things that we own and on what conditions? Is it legitimate to enjoy private property? How much or how little do others own? How do I feel about my property?

I think this is a great idea, and motivates me to do a little de clutter and sort through all of my things.
I try to live by the rule; things don`t own me, I own the things, but I think it`s time to try even harder.
I really believe that it is possible to live by this rule and still have a passion for certain things.
In the end it`s all about quality and not quantity.

Happy Friday peeps!


  1. says

    Det er nok greit å stoppe opp iblant og være litt mer bevisst ja. Det burde vi nok alle gjøre…
    Ønsker deg ei fortreffelig helg!
    Klem fra Carina

  2. says

    Nettopp! Og det er akkurat det vi driver med hjemme, rydde bort unødvendige ting og kun beholde det som virkelig betyr noe. Det er faktisk utrolig tilfredsstillende! Og så setter du mye mer pris på det du har.

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